Werewolf Nico is the 46th episode of The Misadventures of Nico Yazawa


Nico gets cursed by the full moon for her abrasive personality!


The μ'sEdit

Supporting CharactersEdit


  • [The episode opens to Otonokizaka High School with halloween decorations]
  • [Nico has arrived with all the candy]
  • Nico: "Hey guys! I got candy!"
  • Honoka: "Nice one Nico!"
  • [The μ's eat all of the candy, then Nico gets frustrated when there's none left]
  • Nico: "There's no more candy!?"
  • [Nico gets angry towards the μ's, and, a full moon appears outside the window]
  • [Nico feels strange]
  • Nico: "Uh, guys! I'm not feeling so good...!"
  • [Nico grows fangs, werewolf ears, fur, and a tail, however, her hair remains the same and her clothes are a bit ripped and her shoes are now gone]
  • Honoka: "She turned into a WEREWOLF?!"
  • Eli: "The full moon punished her for her abrasive behavior, so RUUUUUUUUUUN!"
  • [The μ's runs away while Werewolf Nico chases the μ's]
  • [Nico growls and decides to just chase Honoka]
  • [Felicia, while outside, notices what's happening and runs towards Keaton.]
  • Felicia: "Nico turned into a werewolf!"
  • Keaton: "And? She probably deserves it, she's evil."
  • Felicia: "But she's harming others as a werewolf!"
  • [Nico attacks Honoka]
  • Keaton: [sigh] "I need to take care of this."
  • [Keaton runs into Otonokizaka High School to attempt to help Honoka]
  • [Nico is about to slash Honoka with her claws]
  • Keaton: "Sorry, but i have to do this!"
  • [Keaton uses his Beaststone to turn into a werewolf and he attacks Nico]
  • [Nico and Keaton clash between each other in a battle]
  • [Felicia watches the battle from outside, and Seitekina Taiyo arrives, and watches the battle as well]
  • [Nico scratches Keaton's face and she growls at him]
  • Felicia: "Oh no!"
  • [Felicia takes out her healing dagger and runs towards Keaton to heal him.]
  • [Nico growls loudly towards Felicia]
  • [Felicia uses her healing dagger to heal Keaton and runs away.]
  • [Keaton attacks Nico again.]
  • [Nico bites Keaton's leg]
  • [Severa runs in wielding her sword, and slashes Nico. The blow was strong enough to remove the curse.]
  • [Nico turns back to normal, and she is bleeding]
  • Nico: "Ugh, where am i?!"
  • [Keaton returns back to normal.]
  • Keaton: "You attacked me and you tried to-" [points at Honoka] "Attack that girl too."
  • Severa: "It seems you were cursed because of your abrasive personality. Not like that i care, idiot."
  • Nico: "Why did the full moon cursed me for my abrasive f*cking behavior?! CAN SOMEONE F*CKING TELL ME?!"
  • Severa: "I don't even know!"
  • Keaton: "I don't know either, jerk."
  • [The episode ends with Nico facepalming]