Nico's Drivers License! is the 28th episode of The Misadventures of Nico Yazawa.


After being told to drive on her own, Nico decides to go to Driving School to get a Drivers License, but she can't get the license, because she fails terribly.


The μ'sEdit




  • [The episode opens at Nico's House]
  • Nico: "Hey mom, can you drive me to the prom at Otonokizaka High School?"
  • Nico's Mother: "Why you don't drive at your own?"
  • Nico: "Ugh, fine."
  • [Nico walks to "FanonTown Driving School"]
  • Nico: "Ummm..."
  • [Mario is seen holding a Driver License.]
  • Nico: "Excuse me, but where can i find a Driving Teacher?"
  • [Mario points to BLU Engineer]
  • [Nico and BLU Engineer walk towards the car, and enters inside the car]
  • Nico: "So, what i have to do?"
  • BLU Engineer: "First, you put the safety belt."
  • [Nico puts on the safety belt, so does the BLU Engineer]
  • BLU Engineer: "Next, you put your hands on the steering wheel."
  • [Nico puts her hands on the steering wheel.]
  • Nico: "Now what?"
  • BLU Engineer: "Now drive the car to the red line."
  • [Nico drives the car to the red line]
  • BLU Engineer: "Now stop the car before the yellow line."
  • [Nico stops the car at the yellow line]
  • Nico: "Does driving a car in Mario Kart style give me a quick license?"
  • BLU Engineer: "No, this is reality."
  • [Nico drives the car in Mario Kart style and rams onto Honoka]
  • Honoka: "OWWWW!!"
  • BLU Engineer: "Why you did do that?!"
  • [Nico also rams into Maki and Kotori]
  • Maki: "GAAH!"
  • Kotori: "OUUUCH! UMIII-CHAAAN!!"
  • [Nico also rams into buildings, crashing though them and she also rams into Umi, Eli, Nozomi, Hanayo, and Rin]
  • Umi: "WHAT THE-"
  • Nozomi: "AHHH!"
  • Hanayo: "GRAAAAAAH!"
  • [Police cars begin to appear and they chase Nico's car]
  • Eiki: [yelling in a megaphone] "STOP YOUR CAR!"
  • [Nico gets an AK-47 and shoots at the police cars]
  • [The police cars explode, and BLU Engineer gasps]
  • [Nico finally stops at the "FanonTown Driving School"]
  • Nico: "So, do i get my license?"
  • BLU Engineer: "...NO."
  • Nico: "Why not?!"
  • BLU Engineer: "You ram over people, you crashed though buildings and you got police in our test!"
  • [More police cars appear, and they confront Nico]
  • Nico: "What the..."
  • [Eiki steps out of the police car, opens the door of Nico's car, and pushes Nico out of the car]
  • Eiki: "You're under arrest!"
  • [Eiki handcuffs Nico]
  • [Nico gets sent to jail]
  • [Some minutes later, at the jail]
  • Eiki: "Nico, there are some visitors who want to see you."
  • Junko Ozake: "E-Eiki-san is actually right..."
  • [The μ's plus Nico's mother walk in]
  • Nico: "Oh! Good timing guys! Are you gonna bail me out?"
  • [All μ's members say "No".]
  • Nico's Mother: "I agree with the μ's."
  • Nico: "Why?!"
  • Nico's Mother: "Because you deserve it, young lady."
  • [The episode ends with Nico crying in jail]


  • It is unknown how Nico got out of jail in the next episode.